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How mobile apps can benefit businesses

All successful businesses will know how important it is to be mobile these days, but that’s not just having a responsive mobile website. Mobile applications are constantly being developed and are a superb way of interacting with your customers. Whether they’re using mobile phones or tablets, customers are using apps to get the information they need quickly and easily at their fingertips. Mobile apps will help you attract and retain customers, which will therefore boost your business.

The first place customers go to search for a product or service is online. Your business will leave a better impression if you have an app available that users can download to their mobile phone or tablet device. Recent studies show that most mobile users prefer using apps to visit media in place of going to a website, which shows the importance of a mobile app.

Better Branding

Mobile apps can help increase brand awareness and make customers want to come back. A stylish and functional app is difficult to forget and customers will be enticed to use it again. Also features such as push notifications, allow you to remind users of a special offer or deal to grab their attention.

Reach More Customers

Today’s consumers are constantly moving and are addicted to their mobile devices, which is why a useful and engaging mobile app is so appealing to them. Anything that can save time and effort is appreciated by customers, therefore creating a ‘word of mouth’ buzz effect to attract potential customers to your business. Also creating your app with search functionality in mind and tagging the content with relevant SEO keywords, means you’ll rank higher in search results and gain more new customers.

Useful Marketing Tool

A mobile app can also act as a useful marketing tool, which is why they are so valuable to businesses. They can easily be integrated with Facebook, Twitter and various other social media sites. This will allow customers to share your app amongst their friends and family on their social media, gaining free publicity for your business. Also it is important to promote it on your own company’s social media pages and official website to help spread the word.

Hopefully you can see the huge potential of your business providing mobile apps, just a few of the benefits include boosting productivity, competitive edge and user experience, plus many, many more. For more information on how we can help your business with mobile applications, please contact us at Productive Inbox on 01527 314040 or email us at

Added: 19 Aug 2016 16:44

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